Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Why we need 'time off'

Now, I've have had a few debates with individuals on the topic and it has prompted me to post this...

News came out this week that (annoyingly - being a big fan) George Groves has pulled out of his third successive fight. The first two were fascinating enough. Both scheduled to be a rematch against Scotsman Kenny Anderson, the only man to have floored Groves in his professional career, for his British and Commonwealth titles. The second was even more frustrating as it was a world title shot against Germany's WBO Super Middleweight Champion Robert Stieglitz.

I was having a discussion on a forum last week about deloading when it comes to heavy weightlifting and the importance of giving your muscles the time off the rest, recover and then go hard in training again. He was having none of it and claimed it is better to go hard 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

After a stressful training camp and hard fight, there is nothing better that putting your feet up, relaxing and enjoying the finner things in life. It means the hard work has paid off and you've deserved it. Personally, time off gives me a brand new energy boost and makes me want to work even harder than before when I get back in to the gym and itching to train and smash personal goals. Downtime is also important during a training camp. We need that day or two off so we don't feel constantly tired (especially if we have school, work etc.). It gives our muscles a chance to recuperate and also prevents demotivation from the constant struggle of stressful training and what it takes out of you.

Resting prevents 'overuse' (or 'overtraining'), restores glycogen levels and prevents major burnouts that leads to negative training results. In George Groves' case, he did not take much time off from recovering from the Anderson injury to training for the world title bout (although I do not know the full situation). Time off and holidays are essential because we major have little niggles or minor injuries that can turn in to major injuries, or just injuries that have a major effect (i.e. prevent a bout). Resting for several weeks, or consulting a doctor or physio and taking extended time off from training all together, can heel these injuries completely. This may help you train longer in the long run and make you a more overall better and fitter fighter.

 For all you weightlifters, here is a handy argument regarding Deloading:

So remember to lay back, chill, put your feet up and grab a nice chilled... erm... water?


Meglio Fitness - re Dealoading

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