Thursday, 19 April 2012

Generic Bulls***

I can list a thousand, million reasons why I don't like generic templates. We are all individuals and have different needs and requirements when it comes to strengths, weaknesses and preparation for competitions. There are also many little additions that we can include from day-to-day depending on our requirements, schedule, lifestyles, resources etc.

Saying this, there are many factors to consider and different forms of training that are important. These are:

Skills Training (shadow boxing, pad work, bag work, sparring)
This is the most important aspect. Skills pay the bills. 

Conditioning (roadwork, skipping, groundwork, circuit drills)
Adapting your body to the harsh realities of fighting and pushing your body through fatigue

Core Training 
This is important as it is active in everything and needs to be able to absorb punches, support your posture etc.

Strength Training
It is important to be strong as you are not pushed around and can land KO blows

Be sure to have included all of the above somewhere in your training plan and keep your training intense, relevant to boxing and varied. Work hard in the gym so you won't have to in the ring

I have had requests recently for generic templates. I will upload some but DO NOT use them as the bee-all-and-end-all, just a basic to change and adapt as required. I will mainly look at how to fit training around busy lifestyles. Watch this space!


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  2. I do think that the standard templates work wonders or beginners. As one progresses through their training, they would then definitely become bored, or even worse, comfortable. We need to keep learning and moving forward with our practice!

    Loren P | London Fight Factory