Friday, 16 March 2012

Workout of the Day

Right then, just for a bit of fun, I'm going to post some favourite sessions or workouts of mine daily. They are not a specific routine to follow, just a few workouts that either I use myself or my fighters do. All are intense; all are brutal!

Roadwork Session 16/03/2011

Sprint 6x300m (one-minute rest between rounds)
100x Bodyweight Squats (as many as possible in a row (ideally 100))
150 Press-ups; broken down in to:
  • Normal Press-ups x50
  • Fist Press-ups x40
  • Close-Grip Press-ups x30
  • Finger Press-ups x20
  • Clap Press-ups x10
*Finish with a mile run (maximum effort)

This type of roadwork session beats a long, slow run anyday! It is important to remember that boxing is roughly 70% anaerobic and 30% aerobic and this session caters for that. It's gets you're legs moving in explosive burst, like in the ring, the bodyweight calisthenic increase endurance dramatically and the mile run is a great endurance finisher.

This session will take about the same time as a 3-5 mile run and is a lot more intense and benefical to a fighter. It requires maximum effort and a great mental toughness!

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