Friday, 30 March 2012

Workout of the Day 30/03/2012

Hey folks! Sorry I've been off the boil with this of late; it's been a 'very' busy week in the gym. This morning, we went through a boxing session, followed by a core workout.

I can't express enough the importance of a solid core. Just like the earth can't function without a strong core, an athlete, in any physical sport, cannot function without a strong core. The core is activate in everything we do; from walking to lifting weights and especially absorbing punches. Many fighters make the mistake of just training the 'show-off' abdominal muscles that 'look good' on a beach. The more important muscles are the one's we cannot see, behind those 'show-off' muscles. Also, many people neglect the lower back, leading to muscle imbalances and common injuries.

In the circuit below, we will be working on core strength to aim with throwing hard punches and muscluar endurance to give us that engine, as well as aid with absorbing punches through the course of a fight.

Complete 3 to 5 rounds of the following:
  • Ab Wheel Rollouts x5 (Standing if possible)
  • Dragon Flies x10
  • Incline Russian Twists x12
  • 45 Degree Back Extensions x15
  • Full Sit-ups x20
*Finish with either a maximum set of Plank, Medicine Ball Drops to the stomach or a round of punches to the stomach

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