Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Workout of the Day 21/03/2012

Boxing Training for Hand Speed, Explosiveness and Endurance

Shadow Box (General)
5 minutes

Shadow Box (Fast, explosive punches)
4x2 minutes

Heavy Bag (General)
2x3 minutes

Heavy Bag (Tabata Punch-outs - maximum speed and power)
8x20 seconds/10 seconds rest

Speed Bag
3x3 minutes

Ground Work/Endurance Finisher
10 minutes non-stop of the following (vary exercises each set)
  • Squats or Lunges x10
  • Press-ups x10 (Close-Grip/Wide-Grip/Knuckles/Fingers)
  • Core Exercise x10 (Sit-ups/V-ups/Sit-up and Twist/Bicycles/Crunches)
  • Burpees or Squatting Star Jumps x10
  • Medicine Ball Slams or Tyre Flips x10
The typical boxing exercises have been given a slight twist with the aim of speed and explosiveness improvements. The Ground Work Finish works the entire body and focus you to push through it after a tough session to improve physical endurance and mental strength.

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